Our Story

Polaris Cycles was formed as a collaboration between three Copenhagen-based bike brands wanting to make bike production small, local and handmade.

Combining their years of experience riding, building, and working with bikes, Thunderfist Cykler, Recycles Copenhagen, and Red Fox Cycles joined forces to design bikes from a shared vision of efficiency, aesthetics, and high performance.

Our Values


Bigger is not always better. Smaller equals more control and control is good in order to stay as responsible as possible. By taking control of the production and doing it in small batches we can ensure that every frame is made to fit our standard.

Longer life cycle


We at Polaris are all cyclists. We love to ride bicycles of all kinds! This project was born out of a common passion for bicycles and riding, and we absolutely love the idea that our frames are made as close as possible to where we live.


The Polaris frames are hand-built at the Red Fox workshop in Copenhagen, in low quantity batches. Through a process of craftsmanship and small sustainable production, each frame is made with care and precision to ensure a truly high-quality bike.

Our Team